Across the Multiverse is intended totake a different approach to D&D from the usual hack-and-slash dungeon crawling. In this campaign, players will have near-total freewill and will shape their own destinies. Scenarios will take place according to the path the player wants to travel, rather than the DM guiding their actions. Best of all, this freewill extendes to an infinite number of locations, both known and unknown, accessible through planeshifting and spelljamming. Storytelling is the emphasis here, though the story will not be without action.

The players have chosen their starting locations and will play one on one with the DM until they meet up with each other. Even after having met up, players need not neccesarily stay together, though they may find it advisable to do so.

The Characters:
Sayo’aran – Level 1 Sharpshooter. Dracon. Location:  Rock of Bral.
Cat-Elf, Level 1 Druid. Location: The North.
Aldora, Level 1 Rogue. Half-Fiend Human. Location: Lankhmar.
Some Guy, Level 1 Something. Location: No clue.

 This adventure is still in the planning stages.

Across the Multiverse

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