Across the Multiverse

The Mind Flayer in the Mirror

Our first session consisted of a single player test scenario played out by Sayo’aran. This was to both reaquaint the DM with the d20 system and to explain how Sayo'aran got his weapons. Sayo'aran is a level 1 sharpshooter living on the Rock of Bral in Spiralspace in the Spelljammer campaign setting.

The adventure began with Sayo'aran aboard the spelljamming vessel owned by the space captain Arthus, out on a salvaging mission.  There had been rumors of a Nautiloid ghostship sighted at the far end of wildspace. After a week of searching, Arthus's crew was able to find the ship.

Anchoring it to themselves by harpoon, Sayo'aran, the hadozee firstmate, the shaguin  Leutenant, and six crew members boarded the Nautiloid. After finding the vessel abandoned, Sayo'aran discoverd an arquebus and starwheel pistol in the equipment room.

Next, the crew were drawn to the lower floor slave quarters by cries for help. A crew member was standingin front of a mirror. Recognizing it for what it was, one person shouts that it was a fractine. Fractines are anomalies which occur in space when space literally folds over onto itself. This anomally then acts like a creature and feeds off of energy. Failing to injure it with conventional methods, the crew begins throwing silver coins at it, learning that silver can injure it. Sayo'aran rushed back to the treasure room to retrieve a small, silver dagger.

The fractine, failing to make a proper attack, ended up freeing one of it's original victims, the illithid captain of the vessel. Startled, he glanced around and commanded, "What's going on aboard my ship? What is that thing? Don't just stand there, destroy it!" to which Sayo'aran replied, "This is your ship? Okay boys, not our problem anymore! Let's go!" He then grabbed the nearest crew member and ran upstairs to the dock, followed by the rest of the crew.

Making it back to their own vessel, they watch as both the fractine and the illithid, who had by that time been turned ethereal as a damage effect of the fractine, floated through the floor, onto the deck of this ship, just before the fractine consumed the mind flayer for the second time.


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