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Please read this first. It is a brief guide explaining what to do/expect during game sessions: How This Game Will Work

This wiki is your Player's Guide to the Across the Multiverse campaign. Here you will find information about people, places and things which are important to our game but not found within core rulebooks. More info will be revealed on this wiki as your character gains knowledge of it.

Character Customizations – Non-standard character stats (such as location-specific feats, prestige classes and spells) may become available to your character as the game progresses.They will be found here.

Locations – Significant areas the characters have been.

Monsters – Creatures the characters have knowledge of.

(Note: On any of the above pages there may be something another character may have knowledge of but yours wouldn't. Please bear this in mind and roleplay accordingly.))


[[Sayo'aran's Journal]]

Main Page

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